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Doing What We Know //
Affordable and Effective Writing


With limited time and budgets for websites, our clients frequently need us to fast track their project. Think of it as “urgency meets opportunity” but despite such limitations, we’ll thoroughly discuss your business with you and research your competition. Based on what we learn and using the content (graphics, photos, written material) that you provide, we can quickly create your website’s foundation.


If you don’t have all of the content you need for your website, we can help you with our affordable writing service. With four decades of experience in marketing and technical writing,  we  know how to maximize content usage, keywords, and phrases. We understand the value of “writing it once and using it many times”.  


Our writing service can deliver the same content for mobile and computer platforms and includes email marketing, blogging, and social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+). We can also monitor and manage your social media, blogs, and posts.


We believe in playing the long game when it comes to building your website content and supporting your digital marketing efforts. It’s a continual opportunity to enhance and expand what your website says and how it looks. Combined with email marketing, blogging, and social media, your small business and its reputation with customers can flourish and grow.

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